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P.O. Box 500, New Ipswich, NH 03071


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Exceptional ability to connect with and ​empathize with patients, collaborate with ​care teams, and adhere to current standards ​and best practices.

Proficient in EHR software including ​eClinicalWorks, EPIC, Athena, AllScripts, and ​Meditech.

Skilled in phlebotomy, performing EKGs, ​administering injections, taking vital signs, ​assisting in procedures, initiating nebulizers, ​and conducting various point-of-care tests.

Certified in Clinical Medical Assistance, Basic ​Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life ​Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, ​and CPR.

Versed in both clinical and customer ​service/administrative functions, capable of ​multitasking between front-desk and clinical ​duties.

Self-motivated individual who excels in ​unsupervised and high-pressure ​environments.

Strong oral and written communication skills, ​with extensive knowledge of medical ​terminology.

Exceptional ability to prioritize and focus on ​the core aspects of an issue.

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Motivated and patient-focused Certified Clinical Medical Assistant with over 15 years ​of experience in delivering exceptional healthcare services. Committed to enabling ​doctors to focus on patient treatment while ensuring patients feel safe, comfortable, ​and valued. Adept at building strong relationships with care teams and staying ​updated on industry best practices. Highly organized and capable of managing ​multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced environment.



Certified Clinical Medical Assistant


  • Supported the implementation of quality assurance and the clinic decision support ​system (CDSS), ensuring providers are alerted when patients are due for routine ​screenings, guaranteeing proper compliance with CMS and meaningful use guidelines. ​Managed a caseload of 500+ patients, coordinating their appointments and ensuring ​adherence to screening protocols.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in taking patient medical histories and vital signs while ​preparing patients for examinations and treatments. Completed thorough patient ​assessments and intake for an average of 20 patients per day, ensuring accurate ​documentation of their medical and surgical history, drug allergies, and family/social ​background
  • Performed phlebotomy draws, immunization injections, EKGs, PPD reads, and assisted ​in minor medical procedures. Assisted with over 300 successful phlebotomy draws and ​administered 100+ immunization injections, effectively contributing to the smooth ​operation of the clinic.
  • Executed a wide range of general and advanced duties as a medical assistant. Managed ​patient flow, triaged urgent cases efficiently, and maintained a sterile environment to ​meet infection control standards.
  • Awarded the bronze and silver CIRCLE awards for exceeding patient and hospital ​standards.


Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

SEPT 2020 - OCT 2022

  • Assisted practitioners in providing complete and efficient medical treatment for a broad ​range of urgent medical issues in a high-volume, fast-paced environment, managing over ​35 cases/shift.
  • Triage patients with complex medical issues, determining priority intake based on ​thorough assessment and collaboration with providers and nurses.
  • Completed intake process, obtaining vitals, comprehensive medical history, and relevant ​health information.
  • Conducted various tests, including vision, hearing/audiometers, drug screens, EKGs, and ​tuberculosis screenings, peak-flows, ensuring accurate documentation per Department of ​Transportation and state testing guidelines.
  • Administered subcutaneous, intradermal, and intramuscular injections, demonstrating ​expertise in immunizations and adherence to proper protocols.
  • Performed point-of-care testing for various conditions, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID ​testing), RSV, strep, and influenza, delivering timely results for prompt decision-making.


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Basic Life Support (BLS)

Advanced Cardiovascular Life ​Support (ACLS)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support ​(PALS)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ​(CPR)

Certified Clinical Medical ​Assistant (CCMA)



Certified Clinical Medical Assistant


Framingham state university

English, Dean’s List

2002 - 2004


High School Degree

1997 - 2001


Available upon request

  • Provided airway management through nebulizer treatments, oral suctioning, and oxygen ​administration while maintaining patient comfort and safety.
  • Applied 12 Lead ECGs and performed CPR-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and ​defibrillation as needed, contributing to successful cardiac management outcomes.
  • Assisted providers with laceration assessments and various procedures, demonstrating ​proficiency in wound care and supporting positive patient experiences.
  • Supported providers during exams and testing procedures such as pelvic exams, eye ​irrigations, joint injection preparation, and casting/splinting preparation.


Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

MAY 2016 - SEPT 2020

  • Implemented a proactive chart-check system, meticulously reviewing patient records ​before appointments to ensure physicians had all necessary information readily ​available, streamlining patient visits and enhancing overall quality of care.
  • Managed comprehensive clinical administrative tasks, including processing durable ​medical equipment CMNs, recertification prescriptions, medication refill requests, and ​other crucial documentation, ensuring accuracy and adherence to timelines.
  • Scheduling procedures in local hospitals (bronchoscopy, CT guided biopsy, ​thoracentesis, catheter placements) in addition to contacting patients and providing ​detailed instructions to the procedure; processing paperwork and applying for insurance ​authorization as needed; assist in hospital admissions.
  • Conducted efficient triage procedures, diligently gathering relevant patient information ​to determine the urgency of assistance required, resulting in timely and appropriate ​medical interventions.
  • Educated patients on the correct utilization of inhaled medications, nebulized treatments, ​and durable medical equipment, fostering improved patient adherence and enhancing ​overall treatment outcomes.
  • Provided valuable assistance during medical procedures, proficiently administering ​immunizations, conducting throat and nasal swabs, and preparing cytological and ​laboratory tests, ensuring accurate diagnoses and facilitating efficient patient care.
  • Demonstrated exceptional organizational skills by efficiently coordinating appointment ​and procedure schedules for multiple doctors across multiple offices, optimizing overall ​patient flow and minimizing wait times.
  • Conducted thorough patient assessments, accurately recording vital signs, reconciling ​medication lists, and ensuring up-to-date immunizations and necessary screenings were ​completed, contributing to comprehensive and personalized patient care.


Senior Customer Service Representative

SEPT 2013 - APR 2016

  • Provided first contact services to an average of 50 referral sources and 150 patients per ​week, ensuring prompt response and appropriate action.
  • Utilized in-depth knowledge of commercial and government-sponsored insurance ​requirements for durable medical equipment to educate referrals and patients, resulting ​in increased compliance and reduced claim rejections.
  • Actively received orders from referrals, meticulously requesting and obtaining all ​required documentation, ensuring accurate processing of insurance claims within tight ​deadlines.
  • Verify insurances and co-payment amounts, submit prior authorization requests; inform ​patients of any financial responsibility.
  • Successfully resolved customer complaints, achieving a 95% satisfaction rate by ​proactively addressing concerns and finding mutually beneficial solutions.